Welcome to FarmersOnly

FarmersOnly is an exclusive “members only” network. Members are business owners from the NCR region, and we meet every month on the second Thursday in the evening. The meetings are structured in a manner to ensure quality networking, through various strategic networking activities, business presentations, and also a short training by an external speaker. The network was started in 2012 by Paritosh Pathak, a strategic Networking coach, and Abhijit Roy, an entreprenuer and a peoples person. Over the last two years of operation, the core team of FarmersOnly has grown significantly, and some of the people who have made key contribution to it’s growth are

A full list of all members is available at http://farmersonly.in/memberslist

For some photographs of our activities, please visit our facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/farmersonly.net


Members also meet on every fourth Friday, over an informal setting, and a glass of beer, and the session is fondly referred to as “Friday Beer Buster”


New members can join only by invitation. If you would like to receive an invitation, please send us an email at inquiry@farmersonly.in